Case Studies

The Latest Case Studies from Profiting through Skills

Our collection of case studies and stories explain the benefits of developing the skills businesses need to succeed and grow.

H&H Group

Taken to new levels

H&H Group join the ranks of other large employers who’ve discovered the potential of Higher Level Apprenticeships.

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Tyson H Burridge

Road Skills

Forming a partnership with a specialist training provider is helping Cumbria’s logistics sector overcome its HGV skills crisis.

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Bells of Lazonby

Let’s Bake

As Bells of Lazonby has discovered, customised apprenticeship programmes are proving to be the formula for developing the right skills for the business.

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Cumbria LEP

Stategic Thinking

Cumbria LEP is fully committed to deliver an effective investment plan…

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Single Minded

The importance of cooperation between training provider and employer cannot be underestimated for delivering positive apprenticeship outcomes.

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Newton Rigg College

Flower Power

As Suzi Smith discovered, having the right skills can really make the difference in turning a small business into a profitable enterprise.

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